Little Owl Learning Academy


Local advertising campaign increases school’s attendees

Little owl learning academy (LOLA) is a daycare and VPK that takes care of children from ages 1 to 4. LOLA provides a safe and fun learning environment for kids to develop their creativity and life skills.

There are many events and activities over the course of the year to keep kids entertained and joyful. They also accept financial assistance in the form of the school readiness program. This success is all due to their marketing efforts provided by The Room Marketing.

Digital Marketing


LOLA had no reliable way to advertise themselves and get new students. Without a good website or advertising campaign, they had a small audience and a few customers. Few people were aware of LOLA’s existence.


The Room Marketing delivered a website, social media management, graphic design and photography and video production. The Room Marketing introduced LOLA to the community with direct mail and a local TV campaign.

New students are gathered through advertisements in social media, advertisements in google and search engine optimization (SEO). Through these actions, LOLA’s website traffic increased by 80% and new students have been arriving faster than ever.


The Room Marketing developed a winning strategy, then Social Media posts were expertly designed to attract and engage the target audience. The team also managed all aspects of scheduling, posting, and creating ads for social media.


With the assistance of The Room Marketing and their advertising efforts, LOLA was able to widen its audience, raise its website traffic and gain new students and services as a result of people noticing the advertising campaigns. The new website allowed LOLA to be found easily online making it easier for parents to enroll their children in the school. LOLA’s popularity allowed them to provide more fun and engaging events for their students.

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