Course of Action foundation

Website, logo & social media management


Course of Action foundation is a nonprofit organization that dedicates itself to providing to groups or countries in need. They gather volunteers and supplies to send to people in crisis. They mostly aid those affected by natural disasters and have helped countries such as Puerto Rico, Poland, Ukraine and Venezuela. In order to widen their audience so more people choose to volunteer and donate, they needed a way to have a presence online. A sure way to do that is by getting a website.


The Room Marketing provided COA with website, logo and social media management services. By providing a new website, COA was able to show itself to the digital world. Since the website’s creation, people have been able to donate money to COA and their efforts online. The social media management services provided by The Room led people online to learn more about COA’s humanitarian efforts and upcoming events. This led to more volunteers and donations. COA’s new logo enabled them to easily be recognized and found.

COA’s online traffic went up by 60%


The new COA website allowed people to learn more about COA’s humanitarian efforts, allow them to donate to people in need, learn about volunteer opportunities and support the community. Not only did the website allow them to do all these things, but people could also donate money online making the donation process easier and widely available. The addition of social media management allowed COA to have a voice and presence in the online community, bringing more volunteers and donations to their cause.