West Road Safety School

Branding & web design


West Road Safety school is a small driving school that provides a customized driver education. The services that are offered include one on one behind the wheel classes, classes for those with three crashes in three years, individual private driving evaluation and road test prep. West Road Safety school’s driving instructor was previously a police officer which allows him to teach his students how to safely drive on the road.


West Road Safety school lacked an effective way to contact new clients. With no website or brand, finding new students proved to be difficult. Not many people were aware this driving school existed and not many people enrolled.


The Room marketing assisted West Road Safety school with branding and web design. A new website was created for West Road Safety school from scratch. By creating an easily accessible website, many people noticed West Road Safety school’s great services and enrolled as students. The Room Marketing provided a new logo and company colors. Branding made it easier for the driving school to be recognized and noticed both online and offline.


Thanks to The Room Marketing’s involvement, West Road Safety school’s website traffic increased by an impressive 100%. The website and new logo brought in new students and brought up new student enrollment by 80%.