Local SEO Tips for the 2020 Holidays


Identify what your customers want 

We’re fast approaching 2020’s peak shopping season. Is your business ready for it? The best way to prepare for the peak shopping season is to plan and implement an effective holiday marketing strategy early enough to build a relationship with your customers. Many people will celebrate the holidays at home this year. There will be less traveling. In terms of business, this means that people will buy from local stores. Therefore, you must be ready to be found by local shoppers. It has never been more critical for local businesses to implement local SEO techniques to help present their companies to local shoppers during the holidays. Here are the top local SEO tips that will help you showcase your offerings and connect with your customers in the best way possible in the 2020 holidays.

2020 has been a challenging year, and a lot could have changed about your customers. To know how much your customers’ needs or wants have changed, you need to conduct a survey. A survey will give you insights into what your local customers need. You will get to know their preferred operation times, the kind of products or services they most want for the holidays, preferred payment methods, and the type of safety measures you must implement.
There are many reasonably priced survey apps that you can use to do a survey.

Make your brand more likable.

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During the 2020 holiday shopping season, and even beyond, it’s not just about your brand getting discovered by the customer, but also getting them to like your brand.

As you work to make your business more discoverable, you must implement changes that demonstrate your brand’s commitment to care for the community and advocate for positive social change. You need to create a holiday marketing that puts significant effort and emphasis on customer-brand affinity.

Make your business more accessible.

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You must show your customers what you’re offering and continuously communicate with them about your operations. This is all about making your brand more accessible. You can use several tools to make your business available and communicate with customers, including a website, social channels, messaging, Email, local businesses listings, storefront signage, local news, radio, and TV.

You want to be anywhere consumers might be looking for what you’re offering. Further, you need to provide accurate and adequate information about your brand’s identity, location, offerings, culture, policies, and operation hours.

Use local e-commerce 

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There has been a rise in e-commerce sales in 2020, mainly due to the pandemic. Local businesses should embrace local e-commerce, which will make it easier for customers to make purchases online.

Companies can offer several different delivery options such as pick up in-store, pick up by curbside, postal delivery, or direct home delivery.
Additionally, local businesses should put their products on local product listings that local customers can easily find.

Pay close attention to your reviews.

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Monitoring your reviews will give you useful insights into what you’re doing right or wrong. Monitor incoming new reviews and address any complaints or questions promptly.

By promptly solving problems customers cite in their reviews, you’re more likely to retain the customer. This goes even further to demonstrate your prompt responsiveness to all your customers.


Local businesses should now be implementing effective local SEO techniques for the 2020 holidays. It’s necessary to start by surveying your customers to know their needs and provide what they want. You must make your brand more likable by showing care for the community. Give your customers the ability to buy products online and implement convenient ways to get their purchases to their hands.


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