By choosing to use the services of The Room Marketing, you give your consent to be duly bound by the terms and conditions listed here for website warranty and extended website maintenance. Please go through these terms and conditions carefully as choosing to use the services of The Room Marketing means you agree to comply with our terms of service.


A website will be covered by the 30-day warranty upon execution. The warranty ensures that the website meets its requirements for usability by covering code and graphics developed by The Room Marketing.

This warranty covers any omission or errors reported to The Room Marketing within 30 days of execution. During this time frame, any vulnerability or issues identified would be fixed at no extra cost to the customer. However, warranty is confined to the key functionalities and website elements that have passed through the development process of The Room Marketing.

The protection provided by our warranty does not account for any code updated by the customer and/or third party software used on the website. The customer is responsible for the quality of the content approved or provided by them to complete the website, and any revisions requested will be treated as requests for change.


 The 30-Day Warranty of the Room Marketing covers the following for 30 days after execution.

Support requests

The warranty covers response to support requests within 48 hours of the request made via email, or online.

Broken links assistance

The warranty covers assistance for any reported broken links that need to be fixed.

Assistance for System Loading Problems and Error Messages

The warranty covers assistance for problems in loading the system and error messages that are encountered and reported by users.

Assistance for User-experience problems

The warranty covers assistance for issues faced by users when trying to play audio and video files or when viewing and uploading documents or images.

Assistance with browser-related viewing problems

The warranty covers assistance with display problems identified by users where certain browser types specified in their agreement (e.g. Internet Explorer and Firefox) do not show the website correctly.

Assistance with e-commerce program or cms database system-related problems or queries

The warranty covers assistance with any requests or issues related to the e-commerce program or CMS database system.


The warranty covers a review of the website that ensures that all links and images are working properly and guarantees the overall health and proper functioning of the website.

Corrections of errors or omissions in the website content provided by the customer

The warranty covers responsibility for omissions or inaccuracies in the content provided by the customer to complete the website.


The following claims and requests are excluded from the 30-day warranty provided by The Room Marketing:

  • Assistance for any issues or errors resulting from the hosting system, or induced by it (we do not provide hosting)
  • Assistance for any issues or failures resulting from or triggered by a customer mistake
  • Platforms developed by companies other than The Room Marketing are not covered by the warranty
  • Any request for web development related work that was not specifically mentioned in the client contract. This can include but is not limited to: web design, updates to CSS, adjustments to the layout, shifting or adding content, any new features, extra input fields and/or field testing, and customer site management issues.
  • Website Redesign—The Room Marketing will not perform website redesign but can advise the customer on any proposed work that may need a new contract under these limits.
  • Website Marketing—Updates to current alt-tags, meta-tags, keywords, names, or page descriptions are not included in the scope of this agreement. These activities fall within the scope of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Website Marketing or and need a separate contract.
  • Website Analysis—Website traffic assessment and documenting, visitor evaluation, and the separation of traffic sources are not covered by the warranty. (To request this function, suitable coding needs to be in place to allow the functionality to be installed as an update under this contract)
  • Liaise with your hosting and domain service invoicing and/or bookkeeping, except if directly provided by the Developer
  • Account, email, or website backup
  • Hacked website restoration
  • Plugin updates
  • API Connections Repair


 In addition to the 30-day warranty, we provide ongoing monthly maintenance services at a subsidized hourly rate to keep the platform for our customers up to date.


Future functionality is not covered after a 30-days warranty. Future functionality should be a key consideration when evaluating website warranty. You need to know whether your website will transform with the changing digital trends. The level to which this transformation is covered by your warranty needs to be detailed clearly.

Web servers and content management systems are continuously being updated and revamped to boost protection and efficiency due to the persistent and ever-increasing threat of hackers.  However, some of these updates and improvements can fully prevent code that was previously performing fine from running.

Code will typically become outdated (out-of-date) and no longer operate as it once did, all because the security of the hosting environment was increased. For this reason, you will need to ask if there is a warranty for updates on your website, which will undoubtedly be required at some point.