Best Practices For Marketing in 2020


The marketing industry is rapidly evolving, and businesses need to stay updated on the new techniques to improve their marketing and achieve more growth. With the rapid growth of technology, everything that relies on it, such as marketing, digital marketing to be specific, must rapidly evolve. Businesses must adapt to the wants and needs of the market so that they can focus their marketing efforts and budget on what works. Failure to be very adaptive will only lead to wastage of time and money. Businesses must know their target audience better and build a brand voice around the wants and needs of their audience. You must establish a strong online presence where you engage with your audience as you continue to learn more about them and find better ways to present your business to them. It’s all about becoming flexible and sensitive to the market. Here’s what you need to know about marketing in 2020 and beyond.

Your marketing should be focused on addressing customers’ needs

When it comes to marketing, you don’t want to promise what you can’t deliver. Therefore, whatever you promise, be sure you can provide. Today, consumers want to buy from a business whose marketing seems to address their needs. They also want to do business with brands that proactively manage specific scenarios where a customer is not satisfied with the delivered product or service.
Brands should incorporate responsive live chat messaging into their marketing efforts. This helps provide answers to your customers promptly. Further, you must create content that addresses the needs or pain points of the consumers. Also, it’s important to follow up on every customer’s review with a positive response and providing a solution and, at the same time showing appreciation for their feedback and choose you. To sum it, all focus on offering world-class customer experience.

Get to know your customers better 

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Best Practices For Marketing in 2020 1

In the current marketing landscape, you have to get to know your customer better to create a marketing strategy that’s based on them. By getting to know your customer, you will know the right tone to use in your marketing.
Focus on knowing the pain points of your ideal client and create a marketing strategy to address those issues. Additionally, that will guide you in determining whether your products or services provide solutions to their problems. Further, you will know which keywords to use to effectively attract and engage your audience, as you research on how to personalize your marketing.

Provide visual content 

Visualization is crucial now more than ever. The current generation of consumers prefers visual content to plain text. That’s why image-focused platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have achieved massive growth. Visual content is easier to remember than plain text. For instance, you can use infographics to provide quick insights that will be easily and quickly absorbed by your audience.
Visual content in the form of infographics, images, and video is not only easier to scan through and remember, but it also helps deliver critical information that your target audience needs. So, add visual content to your text to make it more exciting and attractive.

Voice search

Digital Marketing
Best Practices For Marketing in 2020 2

Voice search is rapidly establishing its position in the marketing landscape and is now a significant influence on how brands market themselves online. More and more people are using voice search services, such as Google’s voice search, Apple’s Siri, and Alexa by Amazon. Therefore, when creating content, you must find keywords that support voice search to make your business show up in results every time your audience uses voice search services.

AI Automation

There are huge advancements in AI, and a significant number of businesses are already using AI-based technology and automation to augment their marketing efforts. AI-based automation is taking some of the work out of marketing, allowing you to focus on building a better strategy and providing a world-class customer experience. However, don’t neglect the human aspect of marketing.


Now you know how marketing in 2020 and beyond looks like. You need to flexible and adapt to the current developments in marketing, focusing on meeting the changing desires of your customers. By being flexible, you can build a sustainable business in the long run. Know your customers better and provide products or services and content that offer solutions to their problems.


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Best Practices For Marketing in 2020

The marketing industry is rapidly evolving, and businesses need to stay updated on the new techniques to improve their marketing and achieve more growth. With the rapid growth of technology, everything that relies on it, such as marketing, digital marketing

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