How to Carry out Keyword Research the Easy Way

keyword research

It is important to do a keyword research before starting your website.

It’s a known fact that keywords are the backbone of digital marketing. Identifying high volume keywords is essential for successful digital marketing.
In this blog, we cover some research steps that can help you to find valuable keywords that can take your SEO campaign to the next level:

Finding Keywords

You can find keywords relevant to your niche in a number of ways, which includes your own intuition as it. In other words, you can guess what online users may be searching for as they research your niche. Furthermore, you can also use free keyword tools like Ubersuggest, Google AdWords and Wordtracker Scout for keyword research.

Google Autocomplete

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How to Carry out Keyword Research the Easy Way 1

You type into the Google search bar where autocomplete will show you a list of what people are searching for. You can try typing incomplete phrases using your main keyword. For instance, suppose you are writing about coffee. You can type ‘is coffee’.
Autocomplete will then show you a list of relevant phrases like ‘is coffee good for you.’ You can repeat the process using other important query words, such as ‘will, how, when, where, what’ and any other that you can think of. You will get a valuable list of long-tail keywords and phrases that people are using for online searches.

Accurate Search Volumes

Keep in mind that keyword search volumes are not very accurate. They should be used as a rough guide only to find out the relative popularity of keywords.
If you have the budget, you can also use paid search for getting accurate data on keyword search volume. This method may be helpful later on as you try to get the maximum out of your SEO campaign.

Priority Keywords

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How to Carry out Keyword Research the Easy Way 2

You should build up a list of priority keywords as part of your keyword research. These are the most important keywords that you can target with your content and your backlinking campaign since they will give you maximum results. Again, if you have the budget, you can use paid search rather than getting search volume results on free tools that can be quite inaccurate.


If you decide to use free tools, look into the keyword difficulty feature. This feature gives you a measure of how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword. You can create your priority list based on parameters like organic click-through-rate, difficulty and monthly volume.

Long-Tail Keywords

Instead of using general keywords, go with keywords that are specific to your business or location. This will help you to be more competitive. For instance, if you are running a health food store in New York, you can use keywords like ‘health food in New York’ rather than ‘health food’ alone. This will give you a much better chance of success. Once your SEO campaign takes off, you can then start targeting shorter and more general keywords.


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How to Carry out Keyword Research the Easy Way 3

Another useful tip is to organize your keywords to make backlinking and content creation easier. This will help you to know if you are putting in sufficient effort for all of your keywords. You can categorize your keywords according to the brands you are selling, customer demographics and the niches that you are dealing with.

The Last Word

Keyword research is not too difficult. Creating quality content and creating backlinks is much harder in comparison since they require a lot of commitment and hard work to succeed.

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