Here’s Why You May Want To Stop Using Linktree

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What Is Linktree?

We’ve all come across a Linktree reference on Instagram at least on a few profiles of the people you follow or see on your Explore page. If not Instagram, you may have seen it on some other platforms. While it does spark our curiosity to a certain extent, it’s important to understand what Linktree is, how it works, and why exactly you should avoid it.

With more than eight million users worldwide, Linktree has taken the world of bios by storm. If you’re wondering what a bio is, it’s a short description you write, typically right under your name on your Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok profile. The only problem with writing your bio in a regular fashion is that it does not allow more than one link to be published.

This is where Linktree’s reference page comes in to save the day. Since we all have blogs, websites, and accounts running here and there, adding their links to a single reference page is a great idea.

Where Does Using Linktree Become a Problem?

Your branding could be affected

Since social media is meant to provide you with a platform and increase visibility in front of an audience, the purpose gets lost when people are directed to a page full of links. Instead of directing people to your website and increasing overall exposure, people come across a page with links to several other areas. This should be the last thing you would want out of a platform when all you were looking for was better traffic on your pages.

The biggest purpose of branding is to get a message across to your prospective client. When something like Linktree comes in between, it creates a blockade, preventing the flow of traffic to your website. Furthermore, it also makes people not want to revisit the website since it got confusing the last time they did.

It may affect your SEO strategy

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The biggest perk of social media is that it lets you know what content is working well for the page as well as the audience. When your post gets a certain amount of engagement, it’s a huge giveaway of what your audience requires. However, the problem with Linktree is that the data it provides is pretty basic.

All it tells you is the lifetime views and the number of clicks. It doesn’t give you additional details like the dropout rate after reaching Linktree or the time when someone clicked on a link. Therefore, you have no way to find out how much attention you’re getting from Instagram, for example.

It costs money

While it does have a fair share of benefits for some users, Linktree is not entirely free of cost. The premium or pro version that gives you the option to customize colors and write a good description comes at a cost.  Therefore, if you’re an entrepreneur thinking to use the platform, make sure to have your finances figured out because every penny counts.

In short…

Linktree may be a valuable resource for some. However, every service has its limitations, and learning about them is the only way to protect oneself from the consequences.

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