How Often To Post On Social Media

How Often To Post On Social Media

How often to post on social media? This is quite a simple question, but the answer to this is not that simple. Here, you will learn about how many posts you should be doing regularly to keep your followers hooked on your social media page. 

Social Media has become a great place to get followers and also helps you to elevate your business. If you post quality content in a strategic way, it can result in a huge uplift to your business. The thing to learn is the best time to share your content. Too much of something can be detrimental, and so can too little of something. So, in order to create the ultimate recipe for social media success, you need to get a dash of creativity, a scoop of quality content, and a bunch of strategies. 

How Often to Post on Facebook 

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With time, the strategies keep changing, and you need to keep updated with the latest algorithms. A little while back, everyone claimed that two posts done on social media per day are efficient for success. Now, according to data, it was analyzed that the business that had 10,000 plus followers were the only ones that benefited from the two posts per day strategy. 

Pages on Facebook that did not have sufficient followers (10,000 of them) were seen to be getting lesser clicks on each post – this happened when the page was posting twice a day. 

It was seen that the brands that did not post much, just one to five posts in thirty days, were seen to have their engagement rate escalated to nearly double. 

The algorithm of Facebook keeps changing, affecting the brand’s visibility. When you are scrolling through Facebook, it makes the content from family and friends a priority. Due to this, it gets a bit tough for brands to get their posts in front of their target audience. Still, everyone needs to realize the fact that stacking your Facebook page with posts is of no help at all. 

According to a study on three thousand profiles, it was observed that every time you posted an additional thing on your Facebook page, your organic reach deteriorated drastically.

So, posting on your Facebook page a lot is never going to help your brand be visible. You need to choose the best way to make your brand scale up.

You can post once a day or have five posts per week; this can be good for your business.

There are a few pointers that you should keep in mind when you are posting on Facebook.

  • In the world, Facebook is the website that is the third-most visited. You have a high chance of getting your business escalated from there. 
  • When posting, make sure that they are mobile-friendly because 80% of people use Facebook via mobile. 
  • In a single day, an average Facebook user would spend around 34 minutes at least on Facebook. So, make sure that your post is the one that reaches them in those 34 minutes. 

How Often to Post on Instagram


When a small business is set to market its products on Instagram, it can be quite daunting because of the dependency on aesthetic visuals. Even the business giants do not post much on Instagram and restrict themselves to 1.5 times per day of posting on Instagram. 

Instagram also adds value to your business if you learn to use it smartly. The size of the audience is key to the posting frequency that you should opt for. 

When you are posting on Instagram, make sure that you keep this social media updated at least once a day. Do not post more than thrice a day as it would not have a good impact on the engagements. 

How Often to Post on Twitter

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On Twitter, you can post as much as your heart wants. This is because the tweet has a lifespan of around fifteen to twenty minutes. After this, your tweet is pushed against the rush of tweets that appear on your audience’s feed. 

So, you have a high chance of frequently interacting with your audience on Twitter but do not overload them with tweets. 

You can post around ten tweets daily- ensure they are of good quality. Do not be so hasty to tweet that you forget to keep tabs on good quality. 

According to a study, it is seen that three to five tweets per day work perfectly for Twitter. 

How Often to Post on LinkedIn

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In 30 days or a month, you can share up to twenty posts. This means that you can share one post per business day. This is convenient as people usually use LinkedIn during the week and chill out on the weekend.

There have been experiments in which one post per day has been done on all the seven days of the day, and it was exceeded to two posts in a single day – it did not go that well, and Linkedin recommended posting one post – that too, on the weekdays. There is a good ratio of engagement when you post once per business day, while you would notice a drop in engagement on weekends. 

Make sure that the content on LinkedIn is strictly professional. You can post the news about the industry, announcements about your business, and also add job opportunities. 


Posting on social media can have good effects on your business, but ensure that you brew good quality content. Post according to the algorithms of the different social media to increase visibility. 

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