How to Generate Leads Using Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an amazing way to generate new and exciting leads for your business. There are almost 2.5 billion active monthly users on Facebook worldwide, which means you have the chance to reach a large audience if you play your advertising cards correctly.

The other advantage of the Platform is the potentially low cost of advertising. Across all industries, the average cost per click for Facebook ads is $1.72. It is quite possible for a small business to get great results by spending only $100 a month on Facebook ads.

But the key to making the most of a small investment in Facebook advertising is to create truly efficient campaigns. And to generate potential clients using Facebook ads, you have to take a step back and review everything you think you know about advertising.

Reconsider the way you think about advertising

When you think of press, television, or radio ads, more traditional advertising media, you are likely to imagine an ad that sells a specific product. However, this sales-focused message that has worked for decades in other channels will not work on Facebook.

People expect to be convinced that they are being sold through a television or radio commercial or in the direct mailings they receive. But they go to Facebook for a completely different reason. People are on Facebook to build connections and community, not to be marketed. So your marketing on Facebook has to be less about “buying my stuff” and more about creating the content that builds awareness and confidence in your brand.
When people see useful content of your brand in their feeds, they get to know, like, and trust in your company. You build your brand awareness and become more of a trusted friend than an aggressive, anonymous marketer.

Start with good content.
So the point to start on Facebook is not with a sales talk, but with relevant content. To identify content topics that resonate with your target audience, start with keyword research.

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Take a look at your existing content and see what search terms are leading people to find that content. Using the Google search console, you can access a list of real-world search terms that people are using to navigate each page on your website.

Look for patterns in the types of queries that lead to your content. And look for intent in those queries. Understanding the intention, or why, behind a person’s search term can help you create new content that meets the needs and desires of your potential customers.

Competitive research can also be useful in this search. Identify gaps in your competition’s content offers, or find ways to expand the existing successful content they have created. That’s a great way to give your audience what they want.

Make sure the right people are looking at it

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Do you know the old saying that the tree falls in the forest without anyone hearing it? The very same principle applies to its online content. If there are no interested parties around to see your Facebook ads, it won’t move the needle and generate clues.
Let’s say you own a home improvement company. No matter how good your content is about planning a remodel, if it is only seen by a group of tenants who are not in the market for your services, you might as well throw your advertising dollars down the (newly installed) toilet.
When you have created meaningful content, you will go to Facebook to share it with the world. Start by sharing your content organically on Platform by publishing it to your Facebook page. For your marketing goals, you’ll want to focus on content that achieves the greatest organic engagement. When an important part of your current audience likes and comments on certain content, it’s a sign. You know you’ve found something that really resonates with your target audience.
From there, you can drive publishing with Facebook through its advertising platform. Using its custom audience tool allows you to show your content only to people who are likely to find it relevant. That is, if yours is a remodeling business, you can target your ad spend to people in certain neighborhoods, age groups, and even those who Facebook knows have recently purchased a home.
By increasing your postings, you expand your reach beyond your current followers. And by driving a personalized audience that looks like your best current customers, you ensure you get the highest return on your advertising investment.

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