How to win the race on Google In 2019

Google is not the same anymore. Now that digital marketing is insanely competitive, Google has stepped up its game to offer only the best results to its users across the globe–or at least the results Google thinks are the best.
There are new rules, new algorithms and new criteria for Google rankings. Even stepping out of the line by using unfair means to gain ranking can get you penalized by Google.

With the New Year just around the corner, every company is getting ready to increase their search visibility on Google.
How can you ensure that your company will dominate the search engine and rank on top?
By using some of the smartest, tried and tested formulas that Google would have no choice but to like. Here are some tips:

Put Videos on Your Website

Digital Marketing
How to win the race on Google In 2019 1

Social media isn’t the only platform that is paying the right kind of attention to videos. Google is another tech-giant that is giving videos importance. As a matter of fact, websites with videos embedded in their landing page have increased conversion rate. Videos also improve the bounce rate of the website, i.e., visitors do not leave the website after checking out just one page. The chances of them staying longer are higher.
Eventually, the websites that have a low bounce rate and a higher retention rate indicates to Google that this website has strong content. Based on the new and revised Google algorithms, quality content ranks you on the top.

Keywords Similar To Buyer Intent Keywords

Digital Marketing
How to win the race on Google In 2019 2

Buyer intent keywords refer to the exact words people would type on the search bar when they have the intention to make a purchase.
However, these keywords are expensive. They also take some time to make it to the top because the competition is tough. What you can do, though, is use keywords with similar search patterns.
You can find these keywords on Google Correlate and earn your way to the top in 2019.
This brings us to our next trick to rank higher on Google.

Quality Content

Forget about recycling content and about aggressive keyword stuffing if you want to earn a good ranking in 2019.
What you need to put all your focus on is quality content. Content was, and will always be, the king. If your content isn’t good, all your attempts of SEO are likely to fail. Quality content means you need blogs that are relevant to your website, informative, well researched, and very well-written.
Moreover, the more researched your content is, the better the image you create of your company. As a general rule, customers tend to trust companies that come across as experts in their niche.
Instead of shoveling your website upside down and trusting companies that give 100% guarantee of top ranking, trust yourself to provide your website a better ranking. All you need to do is focus on what Google is asking for and shape your website around it.

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