If people are on social media, why do you distribute flyers?

Choose the correct channel for your marketing.

Today, companies have many ways to approach their target audience. When we talk about what an advertising flyer is, we refer to a type of direct printed communication, widely used in specific sectors, but useful for everything. Although flyers have existed for several years, they are currently known by that name, since they have always been called as flyers or brochures. Therefore, it is one of the most used means for any kind of company, from the smallest or first level companies.

A flyer is a printed tool that allows advertising and informational messages to be printed on paper to show a specific brand, service or product. For years, these tools, companies to express, through clear, pleasant and simple language, informative messages that aim to attract the attention of those who receive them, have used also known as publicity pamphlets, flyers or leaflets.

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If people are on social media, why do you distribute flyers? 1

The flyer captures the attention immediately; the people who receive it get their message from the first moment. The first thing we should do when developing a flyer is to find our target audience. If you can get your flyers to the right people, you will have traveled the most important part of the way.

A flyer for social networks does not have the same design or the same elements as a printed one. Before the flyers were the preferred means to spread some news, nowadays, social media replaced them since they allow you a much greater and measurable reach. However, it does not mean that placing any image will allow you to go viral, nor that it is the same design that you use for printing; it needs to have certain characteristics to attract attention.

It is transcendental that the illustrations published in social media are of greater visual impact, are concrete and with the information shredded, so that at that moment that the interest is held, it is the decisive one to retain the notice.
Flyers are normally used to advertise specific offers and promotions. What it is about is to influence the public immediately, so that our promotion achieves the desired impact. Many companies use flyers to reinforce their brand image. Beyond promotions, flyers can be used to tell your clients that you continue to provide the same services and that you are always by their side.

The flyers adapt to any type of industry and body. Its flexibility and easy design mean that they can be used both in the promotion of public services and incorporate uses, brand image, offers, and professional services. Finally, you must include an attractive image and a good slogan, the combination of phrase and image is what captures the attention of your audience. If you want to reach your potential clients, try flyers specially designed for them.

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If people are on social media, why do you distribute flyers? 2

To reach a specific audience, it is essential to be direct with the message, use graphics that make the information you want to communicate more enjoyable. A flyer has few seconds to catch the attention of a passerby who is in outer space and probably walking at a brisk pace, instead of adding paragraphs with fine print it is better to use elements that are attractive and easy to read.


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