Is this the end of Hollywood? Streaming the present and future

Hollywood, the Mecca of cinema known to all. The cradle of the American film industry, along with all the historic studios it owns. Its name has become a reference for the industry and those associated with it.
Studios and platforms are beginning to wonder how they will keep their film crews, actors, and all those involved in future projects safe during the transition period immediately after infection prevention measures are lifted.

How has COVID-19 affected producers and actors?

Many of the studios in Hollywood are beginning to consider protecting their actors, workers, and behind-the-scenes teams after an eventual shutdown of the facilities. Measures that, for now, they must abide by to the letter to avoid further contagion soon.

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Is this the end of Hollywood? Streaming the present and future 1

Many films being shot whose work dates and schedules were postponed, thanks to COVID-19. In this scenario, it is inevitable to ask what Hollywood plans to do. Not only to avoid the possible health risks outdoor recording may involve but also how it plans to financially manage the fact that almost no insurance policy taken out by any studio effectively covers a pandemic emergency like the current one. Hollywood will have to deal with problems like machinery and when normality can return to Hollywood studios, no doubt a worrying image.

It’s impossible not to consider the big picture we’re in. The coronavirus has become a colossal public health problem. For now, major studios are already discussing the possibility of large-scale disinfection, medical testing, and especially the selective isolation of movie sets for weeks or months. But from a distance, the measures seem insufficient to protect the equipment of more than a hundred people.

Although concerns about the possible consequences of the coronavirus are present in any workplace, the production of a film or series faces a challenge that is directly related to the working method used to create audiovisual material. Whether it is a film, a television program, or a commercial, any production requires the participation and work of at least one hundred people who must live together in the same space for long periods. Any isolation under these conditions is less than impossible.

However, the coronavirus poses a new challenge that implies not only analyzing the possibility of direct contact but also the impossibility of touching, living together directly, or being close to the actors and the rest of the creative staff of the team.

Therefore, it is quite likely that the decisions of the team regarding the tightening of health measures will not be sufficient to guarantee the social distance and especially the prophylactic measures required by the coronavirus to prevent its spread.

Only essential services are allowed by doctors and hospitals, the services that are most important to society, to petrol stations and supermarkets. Restaurants can continue to operate only at home. And unfortunately for the most famous, less necessary massages or artificial tanning are forbidden in addition to the application of Botox and classic beauty salons. By the time the quarantine is over, we will see what the actors look like, and we will know how long it will take for Hollywood to reopen.

Why is streaming the future of the world?

The cinema as we know it was born as a collective show in big theatres, with images projected on a big screen in a dark room at 24 frames per second. However, today, with the advance of technology, it is more common for audiovisual products to be consumed individually, on televisions, tablets, computers, or even on the small screens of mobile phones.

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Is this the end of Hollywood? Streaming the present and future 2

Unlike other more traditional art forms, such as literature, painting, or music, the cinema is more affected by technological advances. If, on the one hand, changes in technology have substantially influenced the processes of creation and production from the digitalization of cameras to the current special effects made almost entirely with computers, on the other hand, they have radically transformed the way we see and experience cinema.

Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have revolutionized the way we watch television programs and movies. For a low monthly fee, you can get unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of different pieces of content, available whenever you want. However, these conditions are unlikely to persist indefinitely. Like any technology or consumer product, streaming will change over time.

If everything continues as planned by large corporations, by mid-2020, most of them will have their streaming platforms available for consumers to pay for their subscriptions to access the exclusive content that will be delivered to them. The world is investing hundreds and billions of dollars to be able to produce movies and series that allow them to compete in the market mostly occupied by Netflix, with Amazon and Hulu as a very close competition. However, we could not say the same about Disney Plus.

Thanks to streaming, we could also say that we are in a new era. Although this way of accessing audiovisual content will be the future of cinema and television, even leaving them aside, we have not yet reached that point. When we referred to watching a film on a device and not in the cinema, it was synonymous with loss of quality, as it was not considered possible for production outside the big screen to have a chance to look good.

Despite all this, streaming has shown that it is the competition between Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and other big players in the industry. In life, as we know it, devices like smartphones and laptops are as vital as breathing, so the best way to access audiovisual entertainment is, of course, streaming.

What role does YouTube play in the distribution of free videos?

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Is this the end of Hollywood? Streaming the present and future 3

YouTube has revolutionized everything from entertainment to education, opened new doors for talented people looking to be discovered, and brought people together from around the world. Today, thanks to technology, YouTube videos have made a huge impact on people, and all for free.

There are many videos that people constantly watch, such as musicals, cartoons, and videos about how to make a craft, watch some news, find out about any topic, feel communicated and give life to the imagination. However, there are several methods for this free YouTube content is a great option for people because of its dynamism.

Due to all the technological advances, in situations like the pandemic we live in today, people are taking advantage of this platform to continue with their work, since they can upload and use YouTube as a way to reach people from home. Consumers can watch different types of videos, to be informed and see the world of new developments on the current situation. Not only this, but users can also identify completely with different emotions by watching their favorite videos online for zero cost.

Technology plays a key role, the campaign people, music, earn money, through YouTube videos. The situation feels very comfortable with the new proposals to upload audiovisual content to this platform or to create campaigns like the last one made by Lady Gaga, One World: Together at home, which made many people connect at the same time supporting a good cause. This whole event was free from home and managed to reach the view of everyone.

The Internet is a very wide world that helps us to keep constantly informed so that we can visit many pages, upload all kinds of information, videos with different messages, and make users feel satisfied. YouTube videos express many feelings, meet the objectives of users, and relate them easily. Today’s entrepreneurs, through videos, carry out important research, which is then uploaded to YouTube, so that their product is sold and recognized by the public.
It is important to know how to use videos on YouTube responsibly, as misuse can lead to sensitive issues. It is essential to contribute positive things in YouTube videos that serve as examples for others.

Currently, many entrepreneurs upload videos on YouTube of products to impact their customers, generating great interest in them. When launching a campaign, advertisers use videos that allow them to promote their products, making productive sales creative, so the use of free video distribution through YouTube has undoubtedly benefited marketing as well.

Marketing seeks to attract new customers, allowing them to conquer the competition and be a brand that leads the markets. Videos are currently innovative, to make them known in social networks. Entrepreneurs make many presentations with their products with different videos for advertisers to see; along the way, they are in charge of studying the market and the new strategies they have for consumers to meet their needs.

Free marketing through YouTube, has now reached different markets, as new trends are innovating in many projects, the competition is very demanding. It must provide different opportunities, and for that, this platform knows how to generate the field.

YouTube videos are varied and a world where people find a wide range of fun, information, tips, lots of content, which makes them useful for their lives, is a way to relate and express what they think about liberation. Many earn money by putting their video on YouTube, making them have their own company by meeting different types of customers.YouTube videos are free, and many people can watch them from different countries so that they feel very attracted, covering all their expectations and pleasing their requests.

It is not surprising that the implementation of YouTube as a free video distribution strategy for brand marketing becomes a fundamental task. Of course, it always depends on the objective pursued and the target audience.

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