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There are many statistics about how remote work improves productivity. However, working from home is a pretty new concept, and it takes a lot of trial and error before settling on a routine that truly works. Whether you’re a new or experienced person working remotely, you’ve probably faced the biggest struggle that remote employees have: staying on a proper schedule.
Productivity is essential regardless of the industry you work in, and it’s worth noting that it’s not an innate skill. Instead, it’s a series of things or says habits that you do consistently. Working remotely calls for you to take necessary action that will ensure you’re set up for productivity. This means having a remote work schedule that truly works for you.
In this blog post, you’re going to learn how to create a productive remote work schedule that will help you attain maximum productivity and unplug.

Schedule a morning routine

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When we transition to remote working; we tend to have great fantasies about our morning routines will be like. Still, few people turn their expectations into reality. If you want to be a successful remote worker, you need a great morning routine, starting with waking up early. It would be best if you plan your morning the night before and always stick to it no matter.

Having a morning routine allows you enough time for self-care, bonding with your family, and handling things that might be a distraction later.
If you’re not an early riser, you can still create a morning routine that feels comfortable.

Schedule time for your regular tasks

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In your job, there are those tasks that you have to do regularly. If you’re not careful, those tasks could impact your more significant tasks. To avoid that, you need to schedule to do regular jobs every day. That will help you avoid stress and confusion about where to begin.

Schedule time for uninterrupted work

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When you’re working remotely, you’re exposed to so many distractions, such as kids, social media notifications, and phone calls, among many others. Many times, you’ll need uninterrupted time to get a particular task or project done thoroughly. It’s crucial to schedule uninterrupted deep work. 

Create time for breaks in your daily schedule

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We’ve talked about scheduling your morning routine. It would be best if you also created time for breaks once you get started on your workday. Working remotely, sometimes feels like you have to do everything without taking a break.

Taking a break can bolster creativity and even help prevent burnout. You can create time for an afternoon break of about 20 minutes. You could also include several breaks of about 15 minutes each throughout the day.

Maintain a work-life balance 

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Sometimes, when you’re working remotely, it can be hard to have time for your personal life needs. You’re receiving emails and messages and calls, and do you don’t want to ignore them. To maintain a correct work-life balance, you need to set boundaries for yourself and remain firm by them.

This involves creating time for your personal life errands or commitments.


Having a tremendous remote work schedule can make you an incredibly productive person. By implementing these steps and making them a habit, you’ll always feel happy about your accomplishments and not even a little guilt when you disconnect from work for the night. Be sure to communicate about your work hours and boundaries, especially when working with a team.

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