¡Lánzate!: Libérate de los miedos que te mantienen estancado (Spanish Edition)

Do you feel that fear is holding you hostage? Are you looking for excuses to justify your stagnation?

Whether in your work, your business, your health, or your relationships, this book will transform your fears into confidence, motivation and concrete, real results.

Consider it your guide to success (kind of like Master Yoda but without the weird talk). So get ready because Launch Yourself! will lead you to discover that you are more capable than you were led to believe. This book will help you to: -Overcome the fears that keep you stuck. -Go from victim to victor. -Quiet your negative thoughts (your inner asshole). –

Awaken your creativity to solve your own problems. -Make decisions that go with YOUR goals. -Deprogram yourself from the beliefs that limit you. -Unleash your value, your skills, and your potential.

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