SANSE Orlando Festival

Project: Sanse Orlando Website Redesign
Client: Sanse Orlando
Platform: WordPress
Features: Responsive Design, Event Scheduling, Ticket Sales Integration, Photo Gallery

Sanse Orlando, a cultural festival celebrating Puerto Rican heritage, needed a vibrant and engaging website to promote their annual event and facilitate attendee interaction. The goal was to capture the festive spirit of Sanse Orlando while providing a user-friendly platform for information and ticket sales.

Design and Development:
We developed a custom WordPress website for Sanse Orlando that radiates the energy and color of the festival. The design incorporates bright, festive colors and dynamic imagery that reflect the lively cultural celebrations. Key functionalities include an interactive event scheduling tool, seamless ticket sales integration for hassle-free purchases, and a photo gallery showcasing past festivals to attract new attendees. The responsive design ensures that the website is accessible and performs well across all devices, enhancing the user experience.

The redesigned website has significantly boosted Sanse Orlando’s online presence, attracting more visitors and increasing ticket sales. The intuitive navigation and streamlined ticket purchasing process have enhanced the overall user experience, making it easier for festival-goers to plan their visit and participate in events. The photo gallery has become a focal point for new and returning visitors, helping to capture the essence of the festival and encouraging community engagement. Overall, the website has successfully supported Sanse Orlando’s goals of expanding their audience and promoting Puerto Rican culture.

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