SEO Trends: How to make a difference?

Therefore, keeping up to date is the key to making a difference, and here we tell you the main SEO trends that you should take into account.

Currently, for a company to stand out on the Internet and be one of the first options in search engines, especially in Google, it requires contemplating all the innovations in the topic of web positioning.

1. Think of mobile optimization

In recent years, the number of users surfing the Internet exclusively from their mobile devices increased considerably. This is a wake-up call for companies to start optimizing their websites to facilitate mobile browsing.

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SEO Trends: How to make a difference? 1

In this sense, Google is giving high priority to the concept of “mobile-friendly,” those pages that adapt their design and content to be viewed on mobile devices. Basically, since March 2018, Google’s algorithm is indexing the sites from their versions for mobile browsers.

This means that when generating the SEO ranking of any pages of your site, Google will look the usability of your version for smartphones or tablets. However, this does not mean that the desktop version will no longer have value in the equation, but will only happen, so to speak, to be “second priority.”
To face the new SEO trends, you must make sure that your website is optimized in its entirety for mobile browsers.

2. Charging time: every second count

Think about it this way: Google did not become the world’s leading search engine, leaving this kind of thing at random. Its objective is not only to deliver relevant results but also that the user can reach them quickly, comfortably, and without difficulties.

53% of users will leave a mobile site that occupies a loading time of more than three seconds.

For this, Google has changed its parameters to define the loading speed. If before you looked only at technical aspects and usability, now also take into account the database of users who have entered each site. So you should make sure both the usability of your site and the speed of this are the best.

3. Brand recognition is a new metric

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SEO Trends: How to make a difference? 2

A new change in SEO trends that Google is implementing to determine scores is brand recognition. In other words, the search platform will give more priority to those brands that are more recognized and better evaluated by users.

There two factors to determine the ranking:

Number of answers

First, determine the number of responses that your brand name generates in your searches and the relevance of the sites that mention it. In this way, Google will get an idea of ​​how relevant your brand is within a given market.

Although it is not clear exactly what volume of results Google considers to determine whether a brand is relevant or not. We think, it will make a comparison with similar “businesses” within the same industry.

Feeling and context

The second factor is the feeling and the context, which takes into consideration the reputation of your brand, complaints, the solution of problems, among other aspects. In itself, Google will punish your level of SEO if your brand has many complaints or negative comments spread over the Internet. In the same way, it will reward the solved problems and positive comments.

4. Privacy policies to be taken into account

The privacy policies or “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR, for its acronym in English) is the regulation that affects the sites and users housed in the European Union.

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SEO Trends: How to make a difference? 3

This regulation indicates that now the users are the owners of the information they generate and not the websites. So now users can freely request their data by visiting the EU online pages or demanding that it be deleted.
This factor will affect SEO positioning trends, as it will change the way that customer data is stored.

So do not forget to keep in mind SEO trends so that your business is among the top search positions.

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