Six tricks to succeed on Instagram with food photos

Unleash your creativity.

It is a fact: images about food, also known as «foodies» or «pornfood,» have taken over social networks and little by little they have been gaining ground for great selfies, travel images or beauty tricks. When it comes to Instagram, a dish or eating is no longer a priority. The important thing is to ensure the food is portrayed in a way, if possible, give the appearance of health.

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Six tricks to succeed on Instagram with food photos 1

Restaurants have not overlooked this trend. Some restaurants even offer discounts to customers who upload an image of their products to social networks or have professional photographers to immortalize their dishes.
Beware, that taking a picture of your breakfast or photographing the cocktail you take on the beach is not so simple. The “foodies” have their science, and not everything goes when it comes to drawing attention in social networks. Here are some of the best tricks to get the most out of your dishes:

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Six tricks to succeed on Instagram with food photos 2

-Care all details: As important as the recipe is attractive is to take care of everything that appears around it. For this reason, attention with carelessness such as removing dirty tablecloths, food scraps, bread crumbs, or ashtrays. They could ruin the photo.

– Dare to appear in the photos: Well-maintained hands that hold the plate can help you earn likes.
Of course, before doing so, make sure you fix your style: use light colors such as the bench, toasted or beige.
-Focus: Food photos do not stop being portraits, so the focus is fundamental. Point to that part of the image that you want to stand out from the others, and the results will be very positive.

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Six tricks to succeed on Instagram with food photos 3

-Cut a piece: Let see the personal appearance of your preparation works, especially when it comes to desserts that include several layers. Also, it offers a different perspective to that of the full plate, which makes it more attractive.

-Minimalist: As happens in real life, less is more. The excesses are not very attractive, and, in the case of foodies, it is preferable not to overload the image with excessive ornaments and to focus on the food.

-Optimize the result: To make the appearance of your dishes as good as possible, some experts recommend adding a splash of oil, if it is pasta, and provide more shine. In the case of desserts, sprinkle a little cocoa or sugar on top to make them look even more delicious.

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