Social Media: Is It a New Marketing Mainstay?

social media

There seems to have been a notion attached to the use of social media among the masses.

“It’s only for the younger generation.”

“It’s just a way to kill time.”

“It’s only for entertainment.”

More often than not, we hear these remarks every now and then. We hate to break it to you, but social media is no longer only for the younger demographic or a way to kill time. In fact, it’s become integral to many businesses’ survival!

Is It a New Marketing Pillar?

Consumers who establish their first contact with brands on social media are more likely to turn into buyers. In fact, 90% of shoppers accept they end up spending more money with companies they follow on online channels.

Consider the expansion of several companies and brands over the last few years as an example here. Uber and Amazon are only some of the many names that come to mind when we think of how social media adds to their potential. When it comes to online brand management, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the leading platforms that allow brands to acquire customers, create advocacy, and, most importantly, manage customer relations.

We often come across the phrase “content is king” and for all the right reasons. If it wasn’t for utilizing social networking platforms to promote engaging and relatable content, many brands would’ve severely lacked behind in their marketing campaigns.

The Bottom Line

Essential for driving sales, facilitating meaningful conversations, and building brand awareness, we can safely conclude that social media is, in fact, a marketing mainstay. It’s not only hard to deny its marketing value, but it’s also equally challenging to accept that keeping up with your brand’s online channels is a full-time job.

In this day and age, where relying entirely on physical campaigns is not only inconvenient but also impractical, social media has surely paved the way for more sustainable marketing.

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