The Impact of Social Media on Your SEO

The importance of social media and SEO cannot be emphasized enough in the digital age. That said, many people do not understand how social media can influence SEO. While both are an important part of digital marketing, they are interrelated as well. The growing use of social media makes it impossible for search engines to ignore it. In this blog post, we’ll explain how social media marketing helps in improving search engine optimization. 
Read on to find out about the impact of social media on SEO:

1. Drives More Traffic to the Website

Digital Marketing

The traffic on your website is an important factor in increasing the Google ranking of your website. Social media is the key to increasing the visibility of your content. When a lot of people like and share your content, it sends more traffic to your website.

This is why you should engage more with your audiences on social media. 

2. Social Media Channels are Becoming Search Engines

Digital Marketing

Social networks are becoming the new search engines. People don’t only search for stuff on Google or Bing. A great number of people now discover your profile, page, content or business through social networking sites.

Businesses have to understand social media profiles need to be optimized as well. 

3. Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Results

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Social media profiles are not limited to social networks; they also rank in search engine results. There’s a high chance that if a user searches for your business, your social media profile or page will pop up on the first page of the search results. These branded search results mean you should optimize your pages to drive more traffic to your profile. 

The search results also show ratings and some snippets of the reviews on social media profiles. So, anyone searching about your business is likely to visit your social media profile. 
All of these reasons show how social media and SEO are interlinked. You should create high-quality content for your social media account for your SEO. The idea is to understand how people find content online, then using those ways to improve your SEO rankings. 

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