The Power of Belief in Business

Belief in Business

If you take a closer look at your life, you will realize we human beings are a collection of beliefs. How we lead our life, including the work we do and the relationships we build, are all an outcome of our beliefs. Beliefs are intangible and invisible, of course, but they have a huge impact on our lives. You may not realize this, but the way you act is a clear reflection and reinforcement of your beliefs.

Like every other aspect of life,  beliefs hold a lot of power in business and entrepreneurial success. It is hard to succeed in the business world if your beliefs are not directed to the right place. According to Ari Weinzweig, the co-owner and co-founder of the online food delivery platform – Zingerman – positive beliefs influence our daily attitude in the workplace and can eventually transform our business outcomes. 

The Three Types of Beliefs 

Beliefs can be categorized into three types: positive beliefs, neutral beliefs, and negative beliefs. Since our belief system dictates our actions and outlook towards life, it’s imperative that the beliefs we hold true become the basis of having a successful life.

Neutral beliefs have little to no impact on our actions. Negative beliefs evoke negative behavior and lead to negative outcomes. The feelings like anger, antipathy, and hatred are all consequences of negative beliefs. While on the other hand, positive beliefs lead to positive outcomes. Motivation to achieve and the eagerness to work hard are all products of positive beliefs. 

You may wonder whether these beliefs can impact our work life. Yes, they can; that is the power of belief in business. You cannot build anything based on negative beliefs, be it a relationship or a business. Productivity and success can only be achieved with a positive outlook toward life. 

The Belief Cycle 

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A successful business cannot be achieved with a person’s positivity. Business is all about teamwork and how people around you look at life. You might think you can’t change other people’s outlook toward life, but the belief cycle tells us otherwise.

Ari Weinzweig discovered the belief cycle during his effort to solve issues in his organization. He learned that even when he put together a diverse group of people to plan, they couldn’t have a good outcome because they didn’t have a strong belief system driving them. And that’s when he understood the belief cycle. 

You resonate with what you believe, which impacts what others around you believe. This is the belief cycle in a nutshell. At the top of the cycle, you will see the belief that impacts your actions. This influences the beliefs of those around you, eventually impacting their actions. 

The Power of Positive Belief in Business 

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If you have understood how the belief cycle works and how our belief system impacts our daily life, you can also understand what a significant role this plays in the business world. In an organization, when managers and CEOs have a strong belief system and a positive outlook toward life, they can only inspire their employees, which can ultimately lead to the success of their business and help them build a better work environment. 

Weinzweig once said, “When you change what you believe, everything starts to look different,” and this explains how if you have positive beliefs, you can easily change your outlook toward everything. And if you start looking at life positively, you can achieve whatever you want for yourself and your business. 

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