The Power of Motivation and Goals: Keep Going, You’ve Come a Long Way

Motivation and goals are the driving forces behind our actions and aspirations. They are the compass that guides us through the journey of life, helping us stay focused and determined. Yet, there are moments when we find ourselves lacking the motivation to push forward, doubting our abilities, and questioning whether our goals are achievable. During these challenging times, it’s crucial to remind ourselves of where we started and how far we’ve come. If you’re an artist, for instance, reflecting on your first drawing can be a powerful source of motivation.

The Journey of an Artist

Let’s take the journey of an artist as an example. When you first picked up a pencil or a paintbrush, your first creations may have been simple and perhaps even a bit crude. You might have felt frustrated by your lack of skill and compared yourself to artists whose work you admired. But you had a goal in mind, a vision of the artist you wanted to become, and that was your motivation.

Over time, with practice and dedication, your art evolved. You learned new techniques, experimented with different mediums, and honed your skills. Each stroke of the brush or line on the canvas brought you one step closer to your goals. It might not have always been a smooth journey, and there were likely moments when you felt stuck or unmotivated. That’s when the advice to recall where you started becomes invaluable.

Recalling Your First Drawing

Take a moment to remember that very first drawing you ever created. It might have been a doodle in the margin of your school notebook or a sketch on a scrap of paper. Regardless of how basic or unimpressive it may have seemed at the time, that drawing was the beginning of your artistic journey.

Now, compare it to your current work. Notice how much you’ve improved since that humble start. Your lines are smoother, your colors are more vibrant, and your compositions are more sophisticated. You’ve put in countless hours of practice and pushed through moments of doubt and frustration. The progress you’ve made is a testament to your dedication and determination.

Embrace the Growth

Recognizing your growth as an artist is not just a morale booster; it’s a reminder of your potential. Your journey as an artist is a reflection of your ability to set goals, work towards them, and continuously improve. The process of creating art is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression, and each piece you create is a step forward in that journey.

When you find yourself feeling unmotivated or doubting your abilities, remember the progress you’ve made. Think back to that first drawing and how far you’ve come since then. Your current work is the result of your perseverance, and it’s a preview of what you can achieve in the future.

Keep Going

Motivation can be elusive, and there will always be moments when you question your path. However, the key is to keep going. Goals are not meant to be achieved overnight; they are meant to be pursued with determination and patience. Your journey as an artist, or in any other aspect of life, is a continuous process of growth and learning.

Whenever you feel stuck or unmotivated, take a moment to reflect on your progress. Recall where you started and how much you’ve improved. You’ve already come a long way, and there is still so much more you can achieve. Use your journey as a reminder that goals are attainable with perseverance and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Motivation and goals are the driving forces that propel us forward in life. When you face moments of doubt or lack of motivation, remember the advice to recall where you started. As an artist, reflect on your first drawing and compare it to your current work. The progress you’ve made is a testament to your dedication and growth. Embrace your journey, and keep going, for you have the potential to achieve even greater heights in the future.


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