The Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing in 2023

video marketing

Video marketing is a great tool to use in your marketing strategy. It helps you reach more people, tell your story and build trust with your audience. Video is also easier to share across social media platforms than other forms of content, which means it has the potential to reach new audiences at virtually no cost. In this post we’ll explore the top five reasons why video marketing should be an important part of any business’s digital strategy.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a key component of building a strong brand. If you don’t have people aware of your product or service, then you won’t be able to build trust with them and bring them into the fold. In fact, brand awareness is so important that it can make up as much as 80% of your company’s revenue!

Video marketing plays an important role in not just building awareness but developing trust with potential customers. Videos are more likely than other forms of content to capture attention and hold it longer than text-based content, which means that they’re more likely to convey an idea or feeling better than other types of media. This helps build trust because viewers feel like they know what they’re getting when they buy from you (or look at your website).

Improved Search Engine Rankings

With the rise of social media, video marketing has become an essential part of a successful digital marketing strategy. According to Gartner, video was responsible for 80% of all internet traffic in 2019 and it’s estimated that by 2023, 85% of the world’s population will be using some form of social media.

The benefits of video marketing include:

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings

Better Conversion Rates

  • The first benefit of video marketing is the improved conversion rates. Video marketing helps you to connect with your customers and build trust. It creates a personal connection between your company and the customer by engaging through emotion, which results in better conversion rates than other forms of content.
  • Another reason why video marketing is so effective at improving conversion rates is because it allows you to display your product or service more clearly than text alone can do. If you are selling a luxury product, for example, then showing it off on camera will have an even greater impact than putting the words “luxury” next to an image of something else that looks like it but isn’t necessarily as nice as what’s being advertised.*

Boosted Sales

Video marketing can increase your sales by up to 80%. In fact, research shows that video marketing has a 158% higher conversion rate than text and photos. Video also has a 100% higher success rate when it comes to increasing average order value.

In addition, video marketing is more engaging for audiences than other types of content—98% of people find videos more helpful than written content!

Increased Engagement with Audiences

Video marketing can be used to engage with your audiences. Your videos should answer questions, resolve problems, and provide solutions in a way that’s easy for them to understand.

You can also use video to show how things work or how they’re made. This helps your audience learn something new while they’re watching a video on your channel.

Another great way to engage with viewers is by telling stories about the people who are part of your brand or company—this helps build trust between you and the audience member because it makes them feel like there’s more than just “business” going on here; there’s real human connection too!

Lastly but not least: share your expertise through videos! Training videos are some of the most popular kinds of videos out there right now (think YouTube tutorials). People love learning new things so if you have any kind of expert knowledge that could benefit others then why not share it via video? You might even be able talk about topics related indirectly related business while still benefiting from marketing through this medium!

Video marketing is a great tool to use in your marketing strategy.

Video marketing is a great tool to use in your marketing strategy. It’s a simple way to communicate with your audience, build brand awareness and improve search engine rankings.

Video marketing can help you boost sales by increasing engagement with audiences. Videos are an important part of the customer journey and will help you drive new users towards purchase or conversion.


Video marketing is a great tool to use in your marketing strategy. It helps to boost sales, increase engagement with audiences, and improve search engine rankings. The top five benefits of video marketing are brand awareness, better conversion rates, boosted sales, increased engagement with audiences and improved search engine rankings.

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