TikTok Moves Into YouTube Territory


In 2020, there’s a high likelihood that you’re aware of the app named TikTok. But are you entirely sure what it’s all about? TikTok is one popular app in 2020 that’s redefining the way we use social media. Teens love it, but other older people say it’s a waste of time. Regardless of what people are saying, TikTok has taken over 2020, and its popularity is rapidly growing. The growing demand of TikTok will coerce almost everyone to join.
Who’s-who celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and Will Smith, have opened accounts on the platform. Ads have already found their way on the platform. Thus, brands need to get to know about TikTok to avoid missing out on great experiences. Several brands, such as Universal Pictures, Nike, Pepsi, and Fenty Beauty, have already embraced the use of TikTok. TikTok videos are amassing millions of views. Some videos are gaining way more pictures within a short period than the YouTube version of those videos that have been up for a more extended period.

Understanding TikTok

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TikTok is a popular app in 2020 that involves a mix of lip-syncing and micro-video content. Users can create and share short videos that are tall. It might not be a secure platform to understand when you’re very new to it, but it’s not that complicated since all you have to do is scroll up and down just like a feed to navigate through the videos.
On the platform, users have all sorts of tools at their disposal to create their short videos. Further, users can search for sounds to score their videos, and they can also engage with other users through duets, or “response videos.”
TikTok is like a tiny version of YouTube as it allows you to create short mobile videos that range between five and 60 seconds in length. Hashtags play a crucial role in TikTok. Users have a massive music library and brief moments from TV shows and YouTube videos from which they can select a wide range of sounds.

Moving into YouTube’s Territory

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TikTok has realized massive instant success, mainly due to its algorithm. The algorithm uses artificial intelligence (AI) that continually learns from you to make personalized recommendations for you. Once you open the app, the first thing you will see is a page called “For You.” This a feed based on videos you’ve interacted with. The app starts making assumptions about what you want to watch immediately after opening it. Also, you can follow your favorite creators to view their content.
TikTok has already moved into YouTube’s territory. By why is that so, you may ask. Well, YouTube is crowded with the how-to genre of videos that gains millions of views over an extended period. TikTok is now taking that route through videos tagged #LearnOnTikTok that have acquired billions of views over a short period. TikTok is encouraging learning institutions, charities, and other creators to make professional educational videos for the platform by paying them. This is a type of micro-learning that is set to be huge, and it will present a massive competition against the how-to videos on YouTube.


TikTok is the hottest app in 2020, and it has about 500 million monthly active users worldwide and is present in over 150 countries. Videos on TikTok are gaining millions of viewers regardless of the number of followers that a user has. Influencers on TikTok that might not even be considered mainstream celebrities have tens of millions on the app. This app has moved into YouTube’s territory. YouTube has started developing a feature named “Shorts” that will rival TikTok, according to NBC News. The feature will allow users to link their videos to YouTube’s music library to create short videos similar to TikTok videos.

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