Voice Search and Smart Speakers

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Have you optimized your website for voice search? Well, if you haven’t, you need to optimize it as soon as possible. Millions of people have access to a smart speaker. Thus, if your site is not optimized for voice search, you’re missing out on valuable leads. Voice search has become an essential component of digital marketing. Digital marketers are now optimizing their search optimization (SEO) campaigns for voice search.
The number of consumers using voice-driven services on smart speakers and smartphones is increasing. This is, therefore, is changing the way people are searching and consuming content. This increasing trend affects marketers, content creators, and consumers. This article will give you a head start on adopting this technology to give your business a solid edge today and years to come. So, keep reading to discover more.

What is Voice Search? 

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Voice Search and Smart Speakers 1

Voice search allows you to do a web search by talking to your smart device rather than having to type your search query manually. Voice search has been around for several years. However, a lot of buzz for this technology has emerged more frequently recently. According to various statistics, it is estimated that about 50% of interactions will be voice-activated by 2020.

What are Smart Speakers? 

Smart speakers are the actual devices that support voice search. To do your search, or simply activate them, you need to speak to them. A phrase or name triggers these devices. You have seen various phrases such as “Hey Google,” or “okay Google.”
Smart speakers help you find information about products, services, locations, and subjects, among others.

Why Voice Search Matters

With the rising trend of voice search, brands are rethinking their digital marketing strategies in 2020. Today, digital marketing has a direct effect on the success of many brands. Now, voice search has a direct impact on a brand’s digital marketing strategy. That’s why voice search matters.
The digital landscape is changing, and brands need to adapt to all the changes that are happening. The rise of voice search should prompt you to optimize your brand for it. Voice search is an improved user experience of search engines, mainly because it’s faster and more convenient. Further, consumers are getting more accurate results.

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Voice Search and Smart Speakers 2

Therefore, if your website is optimized for voice search effectively, it’s more likely to be suggested to consumers by the personal digital assistant.
There are so many reasons to incorporate voice search to your digital marketing strategy, especially if you’re actively looking for ways to optimize to get increased exposure on search engines. It’s important to note that more and more consumers are starting to feel comfortable using voice for their web searches.

Optimizing Your Site For Voice Search

Brands cannot afford to avoid voice search mainly because this technology is penetrating the search index and algorithms.
Voice search optimization must involve valuable content. This helps build your brand’s trust and authority. While creating SEO-friendly content is excellent, you need to make sure it sounds good. Voice search is looking to provide users with quickly spoken answers that are insightful.
Since conversation is the basis of voice search, it’s crucial natural-sounding conversational language in your content. Additionally, you need to target long-tail keywords and provide concise to specific queries.


There’s no doubt that voice search is changing the digital marketing landscape for the better. The number of consumers using voice search is increasing, so you need to ensure your brand is optimized effectively to avoid missing out on growth opportunities.


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