Why Bother Addressing Old Blog Posts?

Is there a need to optimize the old posts or is it better to leave them to their own devices?
We know you are busy paying attention to the latest stuff; you are focusing on optimizing your website with the newest web designs and web content. However, ignoring the management and maintenance of your old posts is equivalent to cleaning out the front of your closet while leaving the back unattended.

For all you know, the clothes in the back are perhaps no longer relevant, or perhaps moths are feasting on them at the very moment.

Every exceptional digital marketing strategy would bother with updating old blogs and content, mainly because it is imperative in generating more leads and traffic.

Why Is It Important to Bother with Your Old Blog Posts, Anyway?

Digital Marketing
Why Bother Addressing Old Blog Posts? 1

The world has gone digital; hence, the supply of digital content has increased tenfold. On the other hand, the demand is static. The consumers are only going to consume to a certain extent; they are not going to buy from every company out there just because it is visible.
Hence, new content is not exactly what you need; you need quality content that can generate leads and traffic. When you have old blog posts that have the potential to be more SEO optimized, then the result would be the same as posting a new blog.
Your ranking on Google will skyrocket without having to put in too much work. Besides, 50% of your old blogs posts are lying unused anyway.
Additionally, leaving old blogs with lower rankings unattended can hold back your new content from getting the spotlight as well.  When old content in your collection is optimized, it delivers a clearer focus to the visitors.

Optimizing Old Blogs To Achieve Your Company’s Growth Goals 

You know now why optimization of old blogs is crucial, now all you need to know is how.
Here are some ways you can revive the old and dead blogs on your website:

·  Make The Blogs Beneficial for Users

Evaluate your old blogs carefully and find out if these blogs are beneficial to the visitors in any way. Are they getting any kind of information from it? Do they find it entertaining and interesting?
Are the pictures not relevant or unique? A lot can change in a few months, and you could be seeing these blogs in a new light.

·  Make It Relevant

Digital Marketing
Why Bother Addressing Old Blog Posts? 2

The blogs shouldn’t be on your website just for the sake of content. These blogs need to be relevant to your business as well. There should be a good reason for those blogs to exist there. If some tweaking can make it germane to your business, then do it. As long as it has a good bone, you can revive it by improving grammar and vocabulary. You can change the beginning if it is boring and unattractive. Change the title if you must.
Do not hesitate to get rid of the old blogs. If they are not serving any purpose and are not contributing in any way, then why bother holding on to them?

There are too many blogs and bloggers out there. What you need is a website with a clean, clear, and a focused inventory.

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