Why Every Local Business Should Use Google My Business?

Are you the owner or marketer of a small business or a startup looking for ways to spread the word and get found by local people?
Getting your business listed in Google My Business is your best bet!
Knowing that people mostly rely on online searches to get information and find services and products available in their area, not having an online presence is not an option for businesses anymore. And with Google becoming synonymous to online search (on an average, the search engine receives more than 3.5 billion searches per day), it makes sense why businesses should use every available resource to improve their Google ranking.
Launched in 2014, Google My Business is a tool dedicated to help businesses improve online presence.

Why Google My Business Listing Is Important for Local Business?

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If you have ever paid a little attention to how Google shows results when you perform an online search, you would know that the results are almost always location specific. One of the greatest benefits of using Google My Business is that it increases the chances for small businesses to get found online.
Let’s say you run a small coffee shop in Sugarland, Houston. How likely it is that your business will get found online?
Not much, right?
But, if you are listed in Google My Business, it is highly likely that your business will appear in the results every time someone searches for coffee shops in Sugarland or coffee shops near me (for a person living there).
Google My Business allows you to share information about your business with your prospective customers. You can share your address, contact information, and timings. You can also add customer reviews to attract more people.

Here is a summary of the key reasons why every small business should get listed on Google My Business:

  • To improve online appearance, which then will improve your chances to get discovered
  • To make sure your business can get found across devices
  • To share the right information with your potential customers
  • To make your business appear on Google Maps
  • With every Google My Business account, a Goggle+ page is automatically created, adding another weapon in your digital marketing arsenal

Google My Business is free, so there isn’t any harm in trying it out because you don’t have anything to lose.

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