Why Is It a Bad Idea to Hit the “Boost Post” button on Facebook?


Don’t push it!

Facebook launched its infamous Boost Post button back in 2014 to assist advertisers and page managers. The feature allowed them to give their posts better visibility by bringing them across more people.

While Facebook claims that the sole purpose of the feature is to help you reach more people, we think otherwise. Initially, it may appear as an easy promotional tactic, but there are quite a few disadvantages of using the Facebook boost post button.

Let’s dig in!

It’s a Waste of Money

As much as the feature appears to be user and budget-friendly, it’s not. Unfortunately, the boost post button does not help you design a well-optimized campaign. It’s only a way to fill Facebook’s pockets.

It’s Only Optimized for Engagement

Your marketing goals could see a serious setback if you only rely on this feature to run your campaign. Even though there’s a call to action option in the posts you’re about to boost, it doesn’t guarantee any better optimization. All it does is give your posts more shares, likes, and comments which isn’t a sustainable marketing goal in the long run.

There’s Limited Audience Targeting

Targeting the right audience is the biggest part of any advertisement campaign. However, Facebook limits the targeting to only the following options:

  • Those who have liked your page
  • Friends of those who have liked the page

The problem with these categories is that they’re very broad, which means more wasted dollars.

Digital Marketing

All in all, boosting your posts does not enhance or improve your campaign in any way. All it does is give you a certain number of likes and comments. Moreover, there’s no area for improvement since you never get to know what the audience liked or didn’t like.

Therefore, creating ads is something you should leave to the professionals. Hiring the right person to do the job will bring you a pool of opportunities that you may not be able to have otherwise with a feature as reductionist as the “Boost Post” button.

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