Why is Remote Working Here to Stay? Let’s See What the Stats Have to Say

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When Covid-19 struck the world for the first time, people across the world were forced to either leave their jobs, or say goodbye to their workspaces, cubicles, and personal offices – only to work from home. The sudden change in the work system and people leaving their physical office premises to shift to working from home was not only unconventional but also quite uncomfortable for the entire population initially. However, as time passed, working from home very conveniently became a significant part of what we now know as “the new normal.” 

Since quarantine and worldwide lockdown in 2020, this is the 3rd year of the pandemic where we see little to no cases of the viral disease across various countries – but we hardly see people coming back to work from their offices. This is especially seen across the US, where most employees are still working from the comfort of their homes. The reason is not the pandemic anymore, but how the population has collectively accepted the remote working or hybrid working system as the more convenient and “conventional” working model. 

Researchers have predicted we will see a rise in remote workers by the end of 2023 – so what is the reason that neither employees nor managers are willing to return to their physical offices? Let’s see what the stats have to say. 

Reasons Why Remote Working is Here to Stay

Flexible Working Hours are Making People More Productive

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Why is Remote Working Here to Stay? Let's See What the Stats Have to Say 1

It was assumed earlier that work from home would allow people to slack off and be less productive. However, shockingly, employees delivered better work and felt more productive when working from the comfort of their homes. According to a survey by the University of Chicago, among the 10,000 employees questioned, the majority affirmed that remote working did not hinder their job effectiveness. At the same time, one-third of the population agreed they felt more productive. Moreover, Owl Labs reported that out of 2,050 remote workers surveyed, 90% agreed to be more productive in the new work model. 

Employees are Now Demanding Remote Working as a Job Benefit 

Before the pandemic, remote working was an unthinkable benefit you could ask your employer. However, since the pandemic has already forced people back to their homes, most employees have realized the comfort of working from their houses. While, on the one hand, most employees are anxious and dreading to be called back to office, the other half had stated that shifting to the traditional work model can trigger them to join the “Great Resignation,” – which was an event from November 2021, when the US faced mass resignation from employees countrywide.  

Broader Talent Pool for Employees 

The remote working model has not only attracted employees but also employers who now have access to the broader talent pool. Since companies are not bound to hire people based on geographical location, and employees are not accepting jobs based on their proximity to the office – employers have full liberty to find suitable candidates from around the world. This is one reason why industry giants like Amazon, Microsft, and Twitter have shown their intention to continue remote working post-pandemic – and have most of their employees working from home. 

Remote Working – The Future

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According to Global Workplace Analytics, 36.2 million Americans are likely to work remotely by 2025, which shows that the remote working model is here to stay and has become a new norm for generations to come. Hence, companies and employers should understand the modern employee mindset and embrace their working style to avoid listing their company in the Great Resignation movement. 


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