Why You Need Keyword Research


If you’re running a website and you’re not seeing the kind of progress or traction that you were hoping for in Google, then it’s probably because you aren’t properly utilizing your keywords.
While the notion of ‘build it and they will come’ might sound appealing, the reality is that this just doesn’t work. People can’t come if they can’t find your site!
And yet countless blogs and sites on the net still aren’t doing proper keyword research. Read on to find out why this is a terrible mistake for your business.

What is Keyword Research ?

Keyword research simply means looking at the phrases that people search for on Google. By using a number of tools, it’s possible to find out what people are searching for most often, and also how much competition there is for that specific term.
This is important when writing a blog post. That way, you can look up a specific phrase or word relating to your next blog post or web page and then try to ‘target’ your article toward that phrase. By including it in the title, alt-tags, and sporadically throughout the text, you increase the likelihood that Google will present your article near the top of the search results pages. This in turn results in hundreds or even thousands of new visitors – seeing as Google is what most people now use as their main tool for finding content online.

Broader Uses For Business

There are many more uses for keyword research too. In particular, keyword research can be a vital step in deciding on a brand name or a company name. Why? Because if you want to increase your visibility, then you want to increase your likelihood of being found ‘organically’ via search.

Keyword Research
Why You Need Keyword Research 1

For instance, if you are creating an app that works as a body fat percentage calculator, you might choose to pick a name that describes the app and that people are currently looking for. That way, even without any marketing whatsoever, you will instantly increase your visibility and discoverability.

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