How Inspiration Can Help Your Business Marketing


“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”
– Seth Godin
Marketing has evolved over the years and for the most part, it evolved for the better. What first started as promoting the business has now transformed into the marketing philosophy of giving back to the communities. Businesses learned that nothing sticks to a customer’s mind more than something that has the ability to move them. Thus, the use of inspiration in business marketing started making sense.
Today, more and more marketers and thought leaders are tapping into our natural desire to be inspired. Read on to find out how inspiration affects business marketing around the globe!

Helps Knowing Your Audience Better

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How Inspiration Can Help Your Business Marketing 1

One of the best benefits of the use of a little inspiration in marketing is that it helps you understand your audience better. The idea is to find out their preferences and what causes them to buy. Often businesses are unaware of the fact that most of the marketing process happens even before you come into contact with your prospect.
Inspirational marketing allows your business to build goodwill. So, when you finally approach your prospect, the job of turning them into customers becomes much easier. Inspiration allows you not to push your customers where you want them to be, rather meet them where they are.

Makes Your Marketing Content Meaningful

Another great thing about inspirational marketing is that it makes your marketing content more meaningful. In this process, you are not just promoting your product or brand, in fact, you provide content to people that they want to engage with.
For example, an airline business sharing videos about traveling guides and experiences can inspire the customers to take a trip that they hadn’t been planning before.
The use of inspiration in marketing takes the focus of your campaign from you to your audience. Instead of spamming them, you lend them a view into the experience they can have through your product.
Similarly, a strong brand story can be equally helpful in this regard. A moving story holds the power to make your prospects feel emotionally connected. With inspiration, you can motivate them and tap into their nostalgia, so that investing in your product feels meaningful.

Personalizes Your Message

Digital Marketing
How Inspiration Can Help Your Business Marketing 2

An important goal of inspirational marketing is to make people relate to your marketing message. The use of inspiration in marketing has helped marketers see the biggest flaw in conventional ways. Traditional marketing was about talking at people, telling them what to buy, and spamming them. It was both forceful and evidently ineffective.
What changed when marketers adopted an approach of inspirational marketing is that businesses became interested in engaging with their prospects. Inspirational marketing allows you to listen and observe people through their online presence and interaction. This allows businesses to personalize their messages to their target market’s preferences and interests.

Builds a Stronger Brand Image

The use of inspiration in marketing is not limited to customers. Just as charity begins at home, inspiration must also thrive within your business entity before it reaches your customers. The more inspired your employees are, the stronger your brand image.
“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs
Once your prospects realize that your brand knows them better than they know themselves, they start valuing your brand. This allows your business to capture shares in your customer’s market, mind and heart.

It’s a Wrap!

Inspiration is a monumental tool that businesses are leveraging in their marketing campaigns. After happiness, it is the most common emotion that people experience through advertisements.
From inspirational videos to engaging blog posts, businesses are creating positive content to build powerful connections with their audience. So, put your energy into creating magic that inspires them to buy!


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