Why everyone leaves your website?


Many factors contribute to users leaving your website

In these times, making a web page present is not an easy matter. The digital world evolves, and it is a challenge to keep up with the latest trends. Thanks to access to new technologies, the creators of web sites have more tools that allow them to perform better within this scheme.
And knowing that the competition is intense, the owners of the pages must appeal to the creativity that allows them to win visits, conversions and avoid at all costs the losses of web traffic.
The reality is hard if the design of your page or its content are not attractive enough; you run the risk of disappearing. Current users are more demanding since they are more familiar with new technologies and are not easily impressed.

If users leave your site, there is a severe problem!

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Why everyone leaves your website? 1

Many brands consistently lose customers or fail to attract a new audience, and the reasons can be varied, although many are related to the operation of the website. Do you want to know why they leave a website?
Here are some reasons why this abandonment of users may happen at some point.

1. The loading time of your page is prolonged

Digital Marketing

All users valuable time and on the web, the tendency is to have little patience. So, according to some studies, 40% of people flee the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
This problem has several causes, although the most common is the overload of information within the web page such as images or videos.

2. An unclear navigation structure

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When searching the web, the user expects clear and straightforward navigation. If your page is a labyrinth of ambiguous information, it is very likely that people abandon it quickly and there will be web traffic losses.

Unclear information affects not only the user experience but also the SEO — the more organized the data, the better the reception and score the website will have.

3. Invasive pop-ups

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The browsing experience is stymied when secondary windows emerge that overwhelm users. Whether through advertisements or links to social networks, if you abuse the pop-ups, you expect a loss of web traffic.

4. Poor content

The content must be structured, with titles and subtitles and quality information throughout the text. If the content of your page does not meet the expectations of users, there will surely be a loss of web traffic. Remember that the optimum is to produce original content.
Not only happens with children: if you promise something you do not give, it is logical that they will disappoint you. The same thing usually occurs in the digital world. The negative results are reflected in a reduced conversion rate and the bad reputation that you will earn yourself on your website.

5. A non-responsive design

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Much of the navigation is made from mobile devices. If your website has not been adapted to navigate from a cell phone or tablet, surely the user will not feel comfortable in it.
And the result? Thousands of visitors migrating to other websites with better design.

6. Little interaction with the visitor

Today’s websites allow users to contribute comments, suggestions, and opinions. If on your page there are these dialogue tools, but you do not interact with them, you will give a negative message.
Chatbots are an excellent idea for this function, and the user will always have an answer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Why do visitors leave a website? Because of many neglects the investment, time, and dedication to the design of the page, the quality content and the new technological tools that improve the browsing experience.
If you pay attention to these guidelines, you will see that sooner or later there will be very positive signs in your visitors.


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